Are Mormons Selfish?

Okay so listen we know that Mormons worship a false prophet, and we know Mormons believe all men will become Gods of their own planet thus they believe in more than one God. We also know that this planet has 7 billion people and we can hardly feed ourselves yet the Mormons are big breeders and do not believe in birth control or saving this planet.

In addition, most of us understand that Mormons are so insecure with their religion they need to go around saying the are the ONLY true church and that they are the "chosen" and "elite". In addition to all this, we get that Mormons believe in tithing, no they just cannot pass the basket, they need to keep a record, and then call you in once a year and let you know whether you have been naughty or nice handing over your hard earned money to the Mormon corporation.

So this brings up a question. Are Mormons selfish?
Many will say, heck no, why they take care of their own. Believe me, this is true. Mormons will take care of their own, but that sadness comes with Mormons will not take care of non-Mormons. Because they are the chosen and the elite, they have no regarded for non Mormons. In fact they disregard non Mormons so much, that they wait for non-Mormons to die, and then hunt them like prey so they can baptize them Mormons. Actually there should be a law, but Mormons can use their selfishness to baptize whom ever, including the likes of Hitler, Elvis, Ann Frank and believe it or not it showed up on their records Mickey Mouse.

With that said, it is the holiday season and so I went down memory lane. As a Mormon youth, Christmas was about getting. Mormons shopped and shopped and shopped, even if they could not afford food on their table, they shopped.
It was all about giving, so that they could get. Ahhh and the Mormon guilt. Who could forget that. Even as a youth, if I had a cold and was sick, I was forced out of the house to go sing Christmas Carols at fellow Mormon homes. Of course if I mentioned we sing songs for an old people’s homes or an agency, they became upset with me. How dare I want to use these precious youthful Mormon voices for anything other than for other Mormons. The same went with donations. Mormons just do not like to donate to non-Mormon agencies. I used to tell my mother as a teenager, that I would like to donate to the food bank, my parents would not hear it! A good Mormon would NEVER give their money to a non-Mormon organization.

Of course you could imagine my joy when I finally quit the church and lovingly give to a variety of organizations as often as I can without shame or guilt.
Now, if I can only un-baptize all the dead relatives they baptized, I would be inb 7th heaven (or in the case of Mormons, one of the three Kingdoms of heaven!)