Great Video Mormons Will Lie About

I ran across this today. These are the things that I knew all my life as a Mormon as did my Mormon family. We were taught not to talk about these things though. Why would the church want us to not share the truth about their church? Yes another thing wrong with the Mormon church, they refuse to look at the truth and feel they must lie for the Lord.

Even as a Mormon, I felt that lying about Smith being a polygamist was wrong. My parents said he did this so he could save women. I am unsure why even married women needed to be saved. Smith often married women who were already married. I knew my parents were lying, but that is what Mormons were taught to do.

I think my parents felt a sense of shame around Smith's antics. He was a parasite with a long criminal and he lied, so why not teach others in the church to lie. That is what Mormonism is based on.

My parents to this day as "good Mormons" lie all the time. They were taught to lie in their church, and today they lie about everything because they feel everyone is out to persecute them. Mormons are a sad people. My only hope is that we do indeed have a forgiving God that will forgive these people for all their lies, and that Smith is in hell where he belongs. Meanwhile, enjoy the video.