The Real Story about Joseph Smith and His Death

I always felt it was interesting about the two faces of Joseph Smith. I knew as a young child that Smith was a crook and a pedophile. That he used God to be with young teen women. In fact, it was interesting how the literature shows Smith, was a great guy who did so much for so many people, yet, Smith was into mysticisms and Masonic practices, and he was a money-digger who engaged in fortune telling.

You wont hear people talk about the militia he formed, or that he destroyed a printing press and burned down the building that it was in. You won't hear that he shot and killed two men with a gun he had smuggled into the jail. And you won't hear that he had 48 wives.

You wont hear that he believed there are people that lived on the moon, or that God is from the planet Kolob, or that he had 3 different stories about his so called first vision. You wont hear that Mormons baptized the Jews from the holocaust and even baptized Hitler, along with all the Popes that have long passed. Nope you wont hear any truth from a Mormon.

Here, Ex Mormons work hard on giving you the truth. Here is a great video about how Smith really died.

Magic Mormon Underwear

When I waws a child, my parent wore the magic Mormon underwear. We were not allowed to fold them, we were not allowed to look at them. In fact, my father sat in his chair every night in his Mormon panties and we were not allowed to look back at him because of his underwear.

My mother said we would never know what the symbols stood for unless we either got married in the temple and were special enough to wear the Mormon panties, or when we died.

I vowed to never wear them and I never have and I also vowed I would learn the meaning behind the occultish symbolism. Well here is a video that explains it with a little humor as well, so enjoy.