Soul Robbing AKA Baptizing the Poor Dead

The Mormons really have a thing for dead people. I mean they really like dead people… much in fact that they have been have been known to marry dead women and to baptize dead people. The latter practice has gotten them in tons of trouble with Jews, Catholics and Christians alike to stop this soul robbing.

Quick Mormon soul robbing Facts:

They do not limit their soul robbing to known Mormon loved ones.

They've soul robbed most known Native American tribal chiefs.

They've soul robbed every entry they could find in every encyclopedia.

They've soul robbed names they have gleaned from tombstones, from obituaries, from old city hall records, from English Church Christening logs, from immigration entry records, and from my parents' genealogy records.

The Mormon church has paid cash for names to Russian museums. This, much to the consternation of officials in the Russian Orthodox Church.
They soul robbed Holocaust victims and Nazis in the same rites and dead dunked Hitler three different times.

George Washington was one of the first people they soul robbed.

Baptism is the first ceremony performed in behalf of the dead in the temple. This is performed in the beautiful very expensive font is mounted on the full sized statues of 12 golden oxen, located in the temple basement. (A little odd don’t you think to stash 12 golden Ox and millions of names of non Mormons?)
Typically 200-300 baptisms are performed per hour, with LDS teenagers serving as proxies to introduce them into the temple rituals and vicarious Ordinance work at an impressionable age.

The Mormons have no respect for the dead and this practice should be outlawed. Please think about writing to congress and doing everything you can to stop this soul robbing of innocent people. The dead should not have to pay because Mormons cannot get enough living people to join their church.

Despite the out cry from a spiritual public for Mormons to stop soul raping the dead, Mormons refuse to comply. So let's continue to take what is "sacred" to Mormons and expose them so people can continue to seek the truth and save the dead from the evil clutches of the Mormons.