People will Say and Do Anything to Persecute Us

Indeed it is interesting to have a Mormon family when you are not a Mormon and run a blog like this. I am always searching out and researching things, and finding out Mormon facts that honestly I do not want to know. I just sometimes do not want to know how low a religion can stoop down, but alas, I find myself doing it mainly to help others either escape from this cult, or prevent them from being part of this cult. Either way, I feel very blessed that I am able to help people with the truth.

Truth is interesting in Mormonhood. When I was a child Mormon, we were taught how to lie about Mormons. Church officials would tell us people would ask us many questions, and our job was not to tell the truth, but we were given a line to tell people. I have forgotten about those days when we were brainwashed as children on how to talk about Mormons when people asked certain questions. I always said it feels like a lie, but I was told it was not a lie, that it was a way to protect me and my family. Oh yeah brainwashing trick number 142, the threat of you being held responsible not to spill the beans because your family would be at risk.

I had to try it on. I asked my Mormon mother what she thought about Christ being baptized. At first she said we don’t do stuff like that, someone broke into the databank and out that there to persecute us. Okay this was one of the lies I was taught to say, that people set up Mormons all the time to persecute them. That was like lie number 2 or 3 out of all the lies. That was a line we had memorized, “People will say and do anything to persecute us” Here are some examples;

The question: So do Mormons really have three Kingdoms?
Your response: People will say and do anything to persecute us.

The Question: Do Mormons really baptize dead people?
Your Response: People will say and do anything to persecute us.

The question: Do men really die and get their own planet?
Your response: People will say and do anything to persecute us.

Okay you get the idea and this was our training I knew more about how to avoid answering questions than I did about the gospel according the Joseph Smith. Now yesterday I asked my mother so I heard in April of last year you Mormons baptized Jesus Christ. Her response…yep, "People will say and do anything to persecute us." I could almost mouth it. She then said “I don’t have to talk about this to you.” (that is another response Mormons are trained to say.)

Hmm okay fine by me. But she called the next day and said, “by the way how could we baptize Jesus if we believe he is still alive?” I said, “Well who knows you all just go around baptizing anything with a name.” To which she said, "well we would not do that." To which I said, “really?” said, “we only baptize those who wished to be baptized, to which I said, “ then why did you all baptize all the Jews who died in concentration camps for their belief system. Did they all say they wanted to be baptized Mormon as they were being incinerated?" To which she said….yep, “People will say and do anything to persecute us.” I think that time I did mouth it...

So with that said, yet another good Momron family telling the lies they tell so well and being so brainwashed that they have no clue what the church is and is not hiding from them. And this ladies and gentlemen is another report from an Ex-Mormon that just got tired of saying…. “People will say and do anything to persecute us”

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